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Would you like to:

  • Save money?
  • Reduce the cost of your power bill?
  • Optimise your energy use?
  • Move into self-consumption?
  • Reduce your business' carbon footprint by creating and using your own sustainable, renewable energy?
  • Make the most out of your solar / wind or micro-grid installation

Introducing VOLTLOGIC.

What is VoltLogic?

VoltLogic is an Australian made power management solution that regulates power from your solar installations to offset energy consumption in your home or business. If there is excess power, VoltLogic exports it to batteries so you can use that power at night, or to the grid to take advantage of feed in tariffs.

VoltLogic is an all-in-one solution that provides flexibility and autonomy.

VoltLogic is designed for residential solar installations in the city or country, commercial sites and sites with no-power at all.

  • Connect to batteries to store excess power
  • Ability to charge batteries from the grid at low tariffs and or from solar
  • Manage peak demand in peak times for commercial sites
  • Provide power back up for remote sites

Why VoltLogic?

VoltLogic is the answer if you are looking into self-consumption or trying to obtain the maximum benefit from your onsite solar, wind or micro-grid installation.

VoltLogic has the unique ability to integrate renewable power generated from multiple sources with battery storage, providing a total, independent generation and power supply system to deliver maximum efficiency and economic returns directly back to you!

Plus, when you buy VoltLogic from RESATECH you are buying direct from the manufacturer – which means expert service, specialised advice and a quality product – backed by a 10 year warranty.

How Does VoltLogic Integrate with your Solar Installation?

  1. Solar modules convert energy from the sun into DC electricity
  2. VoltLogic converts the DC electricity to AC electricity
  3. The electricity from VoltLogic flows through your electric meter. When you are generating more electricity than you are using, VoltLogic exports any excess to the grid – selling electricity back to the utility.
  4. In areas where exports to the grid are limited by the utilities, Voltlogic has the unique ability to control the electricity exported by your installation, giving you the freedom to invest in larger arrays and further reduce your energy bills.


VoltLogic Can:

  • Work with solar, wind or a combination of both
  • Control power exported to the grid in areas where restrictions apply and / or make the most out of feed in tariffs
  • Combine electrical power from various renewable and/or non-renewable energy sources (hybrid)
  • Integrate with storage to optimise energy usage, facilitate peak demand management, provide backup power capability, and accommodate off-grid systems - ability to charge from renewable, non-renewable, and grid energy sources
  • Be easily upgraded as system requirements grow (modular architecture)
  • Be purchased in single and 3 phase options

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