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How Battery Storage Works

This page is all about providing you with the basics to understand how battery storage works and understand the different types of applications you can use battery storage

During the Day
  • Solar power charges the batteries and excess energy powers appliances inside the house
  • None to very little export energy into the grid (perfect!)

During the Night
  • The charged batteries powers the selected household appliances (no need to rely on the grid!)
  • If additional energy is required above what is stored in the batteries, then the normal grid supply can still be used
Battery Storage advantages
  • Clean Green Energy is available 24hrs
  • Power available even during power blackouts
  • Provides Peak-Load shedding for House loads
  • Enhance operational life to existing powerlines and transformer infrastructure

Battery Storage disadvantages
  • More expensive than Grid-connect solar systems
  • Requires additional electrical hardware
  • Some careful design work needed upfront, to maximise the system size and operating efficiency

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