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Rheem Solar Hot Water

Are Cold Showers Ruining Your Day?

The Solar Man and Rheem Solar Hot Water Systems - keep the hot water flowing.


"All Rheem Solar Hot Water Systems supplied by The Solar Man are eligible for a range of government incentives."


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At The Solar Man, we understand that every home is different, and there is no such thing as the typical Aussie family. So our Rheem solar hot water systems have been designed with different families in mind: with three different models in a variety of sizes, we have the perfect solar water heating system to suit every home.

Roof-mounted Rheem Solar Hot Water System

The Roof Mounted Model combines flat plate collectors with a large-capacity tank, in a space-saving, economical design. With ground-level space entirely freed up, the roof-mounted model is virtually invisible. The roof-mounted model is available in small to large capacities, designed to suit any home from a studio apartment to a two-storey house.


Roof Mounted Solar Hot Water System

Ground-mounted solar hot water heater

The ground-mounted solar hot water heater combines slim, roof-mounted collectors with a ground-mounted tank. This reduces the structural load and visual impact on your roof. Also available in small to large capacities, the ground mounted model will suit virtually any energy-conscience household.


Ground Mounted Solar Hot Water System

Solar Hot Water Heat Pump

The Solar Hot Water Heat Pump contains the same features as an electric hot water heater. Unlike the roof- and ground-mounted hot water heaters, no solar panels are required, so the solar hot water heat pump is the perfect money and energy-saving device for those who are not quite ready to switch to solar. With the added bonuses of low cost and same day installation, the heat pump is the ideal solution for families keeping a close eye on their budgets.


Heat Pump For Solar Hot Water System

The environmentally conscious, energy reducing technology inside Rheem hot water systems is the perfect solution for any household – from small apartments to large family homes.

Solar Hot Water Heater System are not a new innovation, but they are only now being adopted by savvy Australian families discovering that Rheem's solar hot water the most effective way to save energy while reducing water bills.

The Solar Man has solar hot water heater panels patented by Rheem that comprises two major components: solar flat plate collectors and solar water storage tanks.

The flat plate collectors are constructed with a heavy-duty glass designed to withstand the extremes of Australia's harsh climate. Meanwhile, the flat plate collectors have a flat, absorbent surface, and are coated with pipes or channels called 'risers'. This coating absorbs the sun's rays, transferring heat directly to the risers. This direct transfer of heat makes it Australia's most efficient solar hot water technology.

Are Solar Water Heaters Worth It?

Hot water accounts for up to 25 per cent of the average Australian household's energy consumption. So, why not convert to a solar hot water heater system and start SAVING with FREE Energy from the sun?

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