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About Us

Renewable Energy Solutions Australia Holdings Ltd - (RESA) is an emerging provider of clean energy solutions to industries and commonities in Australasia. RESA is a multi award winner and Australian technology finalist for its unique technologies in the renewable energy sector.

  • Australian Technology Competition
    • 2012 Finalist (Eco Whisper)
    • 2015 Semi Finalist (VoltLogic)
  • Queensland Premier Award Sustainability
    • 2012 Winner (Eco Whisper)
    • 2015 Finalist (VoltLogic)

In January 2016, RESA acquired Solar Panels & Hot Water aka 'The Solar Man' to bring its engineering and technical expertise in the renewable energy sector to the public.

Information on RESA's core products are listed below and also under the 'About Us' button


VoltLogic is an all-in-one, bi-directional Power Management solution that can take the place of a standard inverter while simultaneously managing the electricity flow of a number of power inputs.

Eco Whisper

A unique mid-size wind turbine known as Eco Whisper Turbine® 650 rated at 20 kW (2 provisional patents) which provides a commercial volume of energy to industry, manufacturing, commercial and remote users. We are currently developing a smaller 5 kW model known as the Eco Whisper Turbine 350

Our people possess credentials in sustainable development and environmental benchmarks, and are dedicated to educating commonities and investing in projects towards a greener future. For remote or isolated commonities, we provide collaborative solutions that offer a level of financial ownership and ensure local employment. For organisations or specific industries, we provide innovative strategies to meet renewable energy targets and deliver operational efficiencies.

We are committed to supporting Australia's renewable energy target of 20 percent by 2020 and assisting developing nations reduce greenhouse gas emissions in accordance with the Kyoto protocol.

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